Meet The Paper Hatchet family.

Because the only thing sharper than a man’s hatchet should be his wit.

Sometimes a guy just needs to send his friend a card that is NOT covered with kittens or glitter. You know, when you want to shoot someone a note, or congratulate them on that big promotion, where do you find a card for that?

We’ve come up with cards for our man friends - guys who are comfortable in wingtips, work boots or sneakers. Cards that make you snicker and let them know you care -- but not too much. 

About us: His job takes him around the world. She is an on-air crafting personality. They’ve been married for 15 years. Sometimes the stars align (or cocktails are present), and her path crossed with the stationery makers from 1canoe2. Suddenly what started as a small idea formed in “his office” (every man’s center of true inspiration), seemed like a really good idea. Using Paper Hatchet's wit and 1canoe2’s insider info, we are bringing great cards to the men in your life.